HPM Payroll Deduct Program

What Is The HPM Payroll Deduction Plan?

The HPM Payroll Deduction Plan is voluntary benefit offered to participating company employees to save both time and money on their personal insurance. With this program employees can have their payments for their personal insurance, like home, auto, condominium, renters and umbrella insurance, come directly out of their paychecks.

What Are The Advantages Of The HPM Payroll Deduction Plan?

The cost of many benefits like health insurance are getting extremely expensive for both the employer and employee. To help off-set this expense, and provide a tangible benefit that creates employee good will here are the advantages of this program.

Benefits for the Employer:

  • No direct cost for employer
  • Very little administration needed
  • No regulatory issues or minimum participation levels
  • Provide a benefit that takes one of the biggest bills faced by employee and make it more manageable

Benefits for Employees:

  • Never pay another installment fee, finance charge or cancellation notice penalty
  • Never write another check for home or car insurance
  • Never risk non-pay cancellation
  • Have more financial stability as payments spread out over entire year
  • Have access to multiple insurance companies to fit needs and budget

The HPM Insurance Difference

With many payroll deduction programs, employees are forced to do business with one insurance company. Maybe that is the best rate, but maybe not. At HPM Insurance, we have multiple partners for the HPM Payroll Deduct Program and work to find the best fit for the employee. If there is a company not offering the payroll deduction option but is a better fit for the employee, our agents will provide this information and let the employee decide what is best for them.

We strive to build strong relationships with every client. We do not rely on a large call center employing anonymous representatives. Each client is assigned a dedicated risk control specialist so that we can better understand your account and build an insurance program to fit your needs and budget.

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