Bedford High Value Home Insurance

Your standard home is exactly that -- perfectly fine but standard. For many homes in Bedford, NH and in the surrounding area, an assessor can drive-by, get some measurements off a public tax website and in a few quick moments, produce a replacement value for a homeowners insurance policy that is supposed to be sufficient to cover the house in the event of a covered claim. Is this how you would like to ensure one of your largest assets is properly insured?

Insurance for the High Value Home

Custom-built, high-valued homes provide a different challenge. Each property is unique with architectural features, handcrafted finishes, antique fixtures, additional structures and top-of-the-line appliances. Accurately valuing the property for home insurance takes a specialized appraiser who can take the time to walk through, document and research the costs necessary to rebuild the home should it be involved in a loss. If you own a high-end home in Bedford, NH, you need to purchase a policy through an agency that understands customized homes and the High Value Home Insurance necessary to protect it.

Protecting the Assets of the High Value Homeowner

Often people think that Homeowners Insurance is strictly designed to cover your home and property; however a large component of the policy is also designed to cover your personal liability. If you go with the standard insurance company, you may have the standard liability coverage of either $300,000 or $500,000. Would this be enough to protect ALL of your assets should there be a covered personal lawsuit? If you are living in a home greater than this amount, then chances are no.

If you own a luxury home in NH, you are a bigger target for a personal lawsuit, making an umbrella liability policy a valuable asset. When considering an umbrella policy, you need to consider all of your assets including income, retirement accounts and property you own as this is what could be at risk. At HPM Insurance, we can provide you coverage options to meet such needs.

Protecting What Matters to You

Whether you enjoy a cruise around Winnipesaukee on your speed boat, cherish the time at your slope-side home, or perhaps love your coveted Rolex you have unique coverage needs. It is important that you choose to work with an insurance agency that has not just the experience in covering such hobbies and collections, but access to the companies that can best provide the protection required. Whatever your passion, be it boating, snowmobiling, antiques, jewelry or art, HPM Insurance has access to the best High Value Homeowners Insurance companies in the country who are accustomed to protecting such items.

Personalized Insurance for your High Value Home

As your home is not standard, why settle for standard service? We have a dedicated risk manager who specializes in asset protection for higher-end clients. There is one person you speak with each time you have a change to your policy, get advice from on coverage or need assistance in a claim or billing issue. You will never call an 800# and get stuck in a phone network explaining any concerns over and over again to whomever answers the phone.

Why HPM Insurance?

When you purchase High Value Home Insurance, you should have confidence in what you are buying. At HPM Insurance, we are in your NH community with offices in Amherst and Bedford. We care about our community and those living in it and work hard to ensure it is protected. The agency has been writing high value homes for generations as our business originated in 1860! This longevity is a reflection that we are a trusted partner in the present and will continue to be so well into the future.

HPM Insurance is an independent agency. This means that we work on behalf of our clients, not the carriers. We have the ability to offer a wide array of insurance products from numerous companies, all under one roof. We offer not just High Value Homeowners Insurance, but also insurance for items such as autos, collector cars, boats and yachts, umbrellas, snowmobiles and many special collections. If you own a business, we have a commercial department to help insure your company regardless of size, as well as a life and health department for either personal life or health insurance needs or group benefits for your employees.

Two Reasons To Get The Conversation Started

  1. Each day that goes by with your home insured on an average homeowners policy, is a day you may have to settle for average coverage.
  2. You have nothing to lose by entering your zip code above. There is no obligation to purchase a policy. Once you complete the short form by entering your zip code, we will have a team member reach out to you in a manner of your convenience (phone or email.) We can give you peace of mind and that is priceless!