New Hampshire Commercial Auto Insurance

There are not many business owners in NH who do not use a vehicle in some part of their business. Whether you are a Milford business owner who simply drives around using your own personal vehicle to run company errands or an Amherst business owner that uses a company truck for delivery or transporting tools and equipment to a job site, a NH business auto policy can be the best way to protect you and your business from a financially devastating car accident.

Even if your company vehicles are not the primary way your business earns money, it may be the primary way your company loses money. Without purchasing a Commercial Auto Insurance policy through an independent agency like HPM Insurance, you may have large coverage gaps you are not aware of, overpaying or left completely uninsured.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance is different than a personal auto policy. It is designed to cover the inherent risks of a business owner like extending to employees or other vehicles if needed. Most personal Car Insurance policies specifically exclude coverage for any injuries or damage to "an employee of the insured during the course of business". What would happen if you asked an employee to go and drop off a package at the post office and he or she was involved in a car accident? What if that employee did not have their own insurance?

You need to be certain that your coverage amounts for your Business Auto Insurance are high enough to protect you and your company from claims -- even unwarranted ones -- that can be devastating. With a commercial auto policy, it is the insurance company who defends your business in court for damages caused by a car accident. This benefit alone is worth thousands of dollars. Working with an experienced HPM Insurance agent can help explain the details your your policy and help you navigate the holes in coverage that could trip up your business.

Worried about the costs? Our agents have access to more than 10 Commercial Auto Insurance companies so we can find you the best policy at the best price. There is no use paying for a policy elsewhere that you are not certain could help you in a claim in the end.

New Hampshire Commercial Vehicle Insurance can cover all of the following risks:

  • Comprehensive and Collision
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Liability
  • Medical Payments
  • Loss of earnings
  • Uninsured Motor Vehicle

New Hampshire Business Auto Insurance is available to any business owner who owns vehicles used for a commercial purpose. It can also extend to your personal usage as well, so there is no need for both a personal and commercial auto policy on the same vehicle.

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