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For many restaurant owners, running the business is more than a job, it is a lifestyle. You pour yourself, your energy and your creativity into your establishment and may not have the time to think about the more unpleasant side of the business - the "what if" side.

  • What if someone has one drink at your bar but causes an accident in the parking lot?
  • What if the fresh batch of lettuce contains bacteria and your patrons get sick?
  • What if there is a blizzard that knocks out power over Valentine's weekend?
  • What if your chef causes a fire that burns the entire rented building down, including the business next door?
  • What if you decide to start delivery service?
  • What if your dishwasher throws out his back unloading dishes?

The what-ifs are endless in the food service industry. Here are just a few parts of any solid insurance program to consider for owning a restaurant:

Restaurant Property Insurance:

This coverage can apply to any part of the building that you own or are responsible for per your lease. As these terms can vary per lease agreement, you will want to discuss the particulars with your insurance professional as you could find yourself responsible for glass, kitchen equipment and signage even if you don't own these items.

Property insurance can also include the dining room furniture, kitchen appliances, computer equipment, etc. so take the time to inventory your property and ensure it is accurately reflected on your Bedford Restaurant Insurance policy.

Restaurant Liability Insurance:

Food establishments face a myriad of liability exposures. From the customer cutting a lip on a chipped glass, to food poisoning and slipping and falling. This is in addition to liquor liability and any potential sexual harassment lawsuits from employees covered by Employment Practices Liability Insurance. Just one uncovered liability claim could ruin your reputation as well as your business. Discuss the particulars of your business with a professional at HPM Insurance because like any good recipe, coverage needs to be customized to fit the pallet of your restaurant.

Restaurant Business Income:

Repeat customers are the life-blood of your business. You have worked hard to establish a loyal following but what if a kitchen fire shuts your doors for 30 days? You will not just lose those customers for the 30 days but well beyond the normal seating numbers until you are back up and running and diners are aware it is business as usual. This can take time. Business Income Coverage is a critical part of any solid insurance package to help fill this gap.

Restaurant Equipment Breakdown:

It is easy to see how vulnerable your eatery is if one of your critical pieces of equipment were damaged due to a power surge or fire. What if it is the freezer or walk-in? Does the "standard" restaurant policy cover this? Would my business be 86'ed? Having an experienced agent go through your operation is a great way to uncover risks you may not even know existed and find the solution you need whether it be insurance or not.

Why HPM Insurance?

If you have HPM Insurance working for you, you will have one less thing to worry about. We are an independent insurance agency. This means that we represent nearly a dozen insurance companies to find you the right restaurant policy at the right price.

Restaurant Insurance is not a cookie-cutter product, and like any good meal, the difference is in the preparation and details. What is good for a Manchester family-style eatery, would not work for a fine-dining establishment in Bedford.

Don't wonder, be confident. Food is your passion and your reputation is everything. Without the confidence that you have a strong risk-management team behind you, that reputation can go down the drain... quickly. We have been writing insurance for the restaurant industry throughout New Hampshire and New England for decades. From the pizza shop to fine dining, we understand the protection needs of a restaurant owner.

Contact HPM Insurance now for three reasons:

  1. The cost of insurance in the restaurant industry has been changing dramatically over the last couple of years. Make sure you are not over-paying.
  2. Make sure you are not missing essential coverage for your restaurant.
  3. Many insurance companies are bundling the coverages that many restaurant owners need which can reduce the premium paid. Make sure you have the right coverage at the right price.

We look forward to hearing from you! Simply enter your zip code in the orange box above and complete the very short questionnaire. From there we will reach out to you within one business day to customize your Bedford Restaurant Insurance quote.