Is your Milford home located in a more rural area like Federal Hill, or perhaps along the bustling thoroughfares of Route 13 or Route 101A.  Regardless of where your home is located in Milford, rest assured that the staff of HPM Insurance of 633 Elm Street knows Milford.  The agency's roots began more than 100 years ago near the Milford Oval and continued to spread down Nashua Street.  Currently we are located at the four-way intersection of Route 101, North River Road and Elm Street as the agency has grown significantly over the years.

Having your home insurance in Milford is not only convenient, it can also end up saving you money.  Nobody knows Milford more than the residents who live here, and most of our staff live in and around the Milford area.  If you have your homeowners insurance with a large national company, they may think that all of New Hampshire is cow-country and may not give your home insurance the credits it should, like credits for hydrants or alarms.

Everyone in Milford remembers the great ice storm of 2008.  If you filed a claim because of that storm, we know that it should not impact your premium given the catastrophic nature of this event.  If you have your homeowners insurance with a national carrier, and your claim was not marked properly (and there are plenty that were not) you could be paying more than you should.  If we at HPM Insurance saw this error, we would work with the insurance company to get the problem corrected. 

Would you prefer to call into an endless phone bank and talk to a different representative each time you have a question about your home insurance, or would you rather call the same friendly representative, like Edwina of Milford, when you have a question.  Edwina has been servicing the clients of HPM Insurance for nearly 40 years and she knows Milford.   

Don't delay.  Call us.  Shopping locally in Milford will not only make you feel good, you will truly get better service.  We look forward to hearing from you.