Bedford NH Motorcycle Insurance

After the long winters we face in New Hampshire, sunshine and blue skies mean only one thing for those living in Bedford and other NH towns - break out the motorcycle and hit the road.  Whether you ride for the sense of freedom it provides, love the tradition and spectacle of Laconia's Bike Week, or simply love to ride, HPM aims to raise awareness of the importance of motorcycle insurance to help keep you and your two wheeled companion out of harm's way.

According to, NH ranks 2nd in the nation for number of motorcycles owned per capita.  This translates to one in every 16.6 people in NH owning a motorcycle.  That is a lot of bikes!  Because of the sheer number of bikes on our roads, there is a greater chance of an accident.  Studies show that, per mile driven, motorcycles have a 35 times great risk of a fatal crash than a standard passenger car.  For safety alone, it is important for motorcyclists to take precautions while cruising.  A motorcycle can easily fall into a car or truck's blind spot, so it's well worth checking twice.

Why You Need Motorcycle Insurance:

Most people are not aware that neither car, nor motorcycle insurance is required to drive legally on NH roads.  This means that in addition to the increased risk of an injury from a serious crash, motorcyclist also face the increased chance that the accident will involve someone without insurance.  What would you do if you didn't bother insuring your own bike, given you are a careful driver, but were hit by someone without any car insurance?  Did you know that a motorcycle policy can be written with not just coverage for your bike, but also for your own injuries, pain and suffering, and loss-of-income if you are hit by an un-insured driver?

Because motorcyclists can sustain serious injury from even a minor accident, all motorcycles should be properly insured.  Motorcycle insurance is extremely affordable and can protect the investment you have made in the bike itself as well paying for any injury or property damage you inadvertently cause because of an accident. 

Here are the basics of a NH motorcycle policy:

  • Liability insurance is designed to financially protect others for accidents that you cause. If you are found to be at fault for a collision with another vehicle, person or structure, your liability insurance will help cover costs and medical expenses for the injured person and damaged property up to the limit you purchase.  Another huge benefit is that your policy will also pay to defend you in the case of a covered claim should a legal proceeding be required.
  • Collision insurance pays for the repair or replacement of your motorcycle if you hit, or are hit by, another vehicle or object.  This coverage pays regardless of fault; however the coverage is susceptible to the deductible you choose.  The higher the deductible, the lower the premium for this coverage.  Given that a motorcycle is a significant investment, collision insurance can get you back on the road quickly after an accident without losing the entire biking season.
  • Comprehensive insurance pays to repair damage to your bike that is caused by something other than collision.  This could be fire, theft, flooding or if the bike is damaged by hitting an animal.  

Neither collision nor comprehensive coverage are required if purchasing a policy; however if you have a loan on your motorcycle, the bank agreement you signed will most likely require that this coverage be purchased, and that the bank be listed on the policy.

  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist insurance protects you if you are in an accident with a motorist who doesn’t carry any or enough insurance to pay for your medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages if you are injured in an accident caused by a driver without any insurance or without sufficient limits.  Again, in NH, drivers are not required to carry can insurance to drive on our roads, so this is a critical component of your coverage.
  • Medical Payments pays for the cost of reasonable and necessary medical expenses you receive as a result of a covered accident.  This coverage pays regardless of fault.  Given that motorcyclists are more susceptible to injury than other motorists, it is suggested that you carry the highest limit available as the cost between the highest and lowest limit is not too significant.

Specialized Insurance Coverage for Motorcycles:

Additional Accessory insurance is a part of the policy that can cover the custom parts and equipment on your bike.  If you have added to or changed anything on the bike that came off the manufacturer's floor, that is considered customization. Perhaps you had your BMW F800 custom painted or added deep cut floorboards to you Harley.  You need to keep any receipts and add additional accessory coverage to your motorcycle policy to reflect the amount spent.

Trip Interruption Coverage can help pick up the expense of breakdown if you are taking a road trip and are more than 100 miles from home.  It may help cover up to $500 for lodging expenses, as well as alternate transportation and food while your bike is in the shop for repair.

Why choose HPM Insurance:

At HPM Insurance, which is conveniently located in Bedford, NH, we love motorcycles.  Many of our staff, including the agency owner, Lyle, own a motorcycle (or two) so we understand that this is more than just a mode of transportation - it is a lifestyle. 

To have HPM Insurance of Bedford or Milford help you insure your motorcycle, enter your zip code above.  No matter what you own - an old Honda you like to putt around in or a customized Harley Davidson you like to cruise on up through the White Mountains, you can look to HPM Insurance to find you the right insurance policy for both your needs and budget.  Enjoy the freedom of the open road – get covered by HPM Insurance today! You love your motorcycle; now show it the love by protecting it.  Enter your zip code above and we will create a, no obligation, customized NH motorcycle policy to fit your needs.