New Hampshire Umbrella Insurance

It is no surprise to anyone that the frequency of lawsuits is sky-rocketing. What was once considered bad luck or a fact-of-life now ends up in our courts. Are you sure that you have enough coverage on your insurance policies to cover you in a law suit? Don't wonder be confident by considering a NH umbrella insurance policy.

What is umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a liability policy that can protect your assets and future income by providing additional coverage over your primary insurance policies (your home insurance, car insurance, etc.)

Who needs an umbrella policy?

Anyone who owns property or has any assets should consider an umbrella policy. This is especially true if you have any of the following:

  • teenagers
  • computer and/or use social media
  • pool
  • tenants
  • pets
  • recreational vehicle including boats, ATVs, golf cart or snowmobile.
  • guns

You do not have to be a millionaire to be sued like one.

You have worked hard for your home and cars and take pride in them, but you are far from being considered a millionaire. You think that a $1 million umbrella policy is excessive, but consider the following:

  • It does not cost a thing to initiate a lawsuit in New Hampshire
  • Whether a lawsuit is frivolous or not, you would still have to defend yourself in court
  • Judges and juries are unpredictable.

New Hampshire roads can be tough to navigate, especially in the winter. Don't let a second of day dreaming behind the wheel cost you your life's work. If you get into an auto accident that is serious enough to fly through the limits of your auto insurance policy, your home, retirement plan and other assets are all up for grabs.

Why HPM Insurance?

If you have a lawsuit filed against you, it is very stressful. You want to know the name and face of the person you can turn to in case this happens, not an 800#. At HPM Insurance, we have been serving the citizens of Milford and New Hampshire for generations. We know our clients and are experts on providing them with the insurance plan that is right for them.

Enter your zip code above and complete the short Protection Savings Form now for a free, no obligation umbrella quote. Don't get left out in the rain - let us quote your umbrella and give you peace-of-mind.