What Happens If I Burn Brush Without a Permit in NH?

Written by April Weismann on 04/10/2015 07:03 AM in Safety Tips.

When the snow finally begins to melt in NH, many homeowners are looking toward spring and the many hours of yard work ahead.  This typically begins with a growing brush pile as the harsh winds of winter took down many branches, if not entire...

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How Much Does NH Homeowners Insurance Cost?

Written by April Weismann on 03/19/2015 12:00 AM in Homeowners Insurance.

Insurance is something that we know we all need but how much should it cost?  It may seem like insurance companies throw a dart at a wall to figure a price, but there really is a lot that goes into calculating the premium.  Here is an inside look...

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5 Tips for Understanding Small Business Insurance

Written by April Weismann on 03/03/2015 12:00 AM in Commercial Insurance.

Small business owners have a lot to juggle. They may be responsible for everything necessary to run the actual business, dealing with sales, dealing with clients and maybe even emptying the trash.  Funds may be limited but so is their time.  ...

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5 Ideas You Can Steal from Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Written by April Weismann on 02/09/2015 12:00 AM in Business Insurance.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) is definitely a misunderstood coverage but extremely important for business owners.

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How Does a Dog Impact My NH Homeowners Insurance?

Written by April Weismann on 01/20/2015 12:03 PM in Homeowners Insurance.

Discussions about dogs are often very emotional given how we treat them as members of the family.  Most people, love their dogs and could never imagine them causing any harm.

Unfortunately, as insurance agents, we may have to tell a prospect or...

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What Does an Insurance Agency Do?

Written by April Weismann on 12/22/2014 12:00 AM in Insurance Tips.

The Value of an Independent Insurance Agent 

I have been exposed to insurance since I was a little girl.  My father, Jack McBriarty, started McBriarty Insurance Agency on the Milford oval back in 1985 following numerous positions on the company...

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How Does a Trampoline Impact my Homeowners Insurance?

Written by April Weismann on 10/10/2014 04:03 AM in Homeowners Insurance.

If you have children, it is inevitable.  You will be asked, begged really, to get a trampoline.  You may want to say yes, but somewhere in the back of your mind you recall hearing something about someone's homeowners insurance being cancelled for...

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Why Every Business Should Consider Off-Premises Utility Interruption Insurance

Written by April Weismann on 09/16/2014 06:03 AM in Business Insurance.

You are a careful business owner who works hard to protect your business.  Perhaps you have fire extinguishers, a burglar alarm and a work-safety program.  As careful as you can be, there are still events that can happen to your business that can...

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Top 5 Questions Regarding Boat Insurance

Written by April Weismann on 06/27/2014 08:33 AM in Boat Insurance.

You don't own a boat, you own a lifestyle.  Whether you have a small skiff, large yacht, swift Jet Ski or anything in between, you love floating freely on the open water.  Because you care greatly about your boat, ensure that it is properly...

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Commercial Insurance Basics for the New Small Business

Written by April Weismann on 06/02/2014 12:00 AM in Commercial Insurance.

Starting a new business can be an exciting, yet stressful time.  The demands and requirements can be overwhelming; however, with the proper team in your corner, including an attorney, accountant and insurance agent, you can focus on what you need...

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