Bedford Boat Insurance

When you dream about relaxing on the water, you might imagine yourself wrestling a prize-winning fish off the NH Seacoast or cutting across the waves with the wind blowing in your hair as you sail across Winnipesaukee.

No one really wants to be the one to think about something going wrong with their boat, but as we all know, accidents happen.  While insurance may be the last thing on your mind while the cold drinks are flowing, it will be the first thing you think of if something goes wrong.  Don't let that moment of panic turn into a nightmare.  Understand why you need a NH boat insurance policy and choose the coverage that is right for you to keep you sailing.

Is Boat Insurance Required in NH?

While most states, including NH, do not require boat owners to carry boat insurance to operate a boat on NH waterways it is certainly a good idea.

Though the state of New Hampshire may not require it, the marina where you dock your boat may.  You would also be required to insure your boat if you have a loan on it.  In both of these situations, you will want to pay attention to the minimum limits required by the marina or loan agreement.

Even if you are not required to have a NH watercraft policy, it is strongly recommended.  Think about the cost of not just your boat, but the many boats around you.  No one has to tell you that boats are expensive, as a boat owner, you know.  You could be the best driver in the world, but you could still hit a hidden rock or even have a boat run into you through no fault of your own.  Without insurance, you would be responsible for trying to collect for the damages to your boat on your own.

Doesn't Homeowners Insurance Cover my Boat?

Many people assume that a separate boat policy is not required as it is covered under their home insurance policy.  While your home policy may provide very limited coverage for a small boat, it is extremely limited.  Check with your insurance professional before you assume as there are both size and speed limitations.

What Will My Bedford Boat Insurance Cover?

You can purchase liability coverage to cover the costs related to bodily injury and property damage sustained by others in a boating accident that you cause.  You can also purchase collision and comprehensive coverage that would cover damage to the boat itself.   

Bedford boat insurance can be customized to fit your needs.  If you own a smaller boat to fish the fresh waters of Sunapee, your needs are different than the jet skier catching the waves off Hampton.  You can customize a policy to include towing, wreckage removal, fuel spill clean-up, fishing equipment and the liability exposure of towing water skiers.  Without these "extra-coverages," you could be paying thousands of dollars out of your own pocket. Even if you don't think your boat is worth insuring - think again. It may be worth it for these extra coverages alone.

At HPM Insurance, we will protect you, your boat and your passengers with the precise boat insurance needed for your vessel.

Why HPM Insurance?

HPM Insurance offers Boat Insurance through their Bedford and Milford offices; however we can write the coverage throughout the state of NH and Massachusetts.  HPM Insurance has been insuring the citizens of New England for generations. We understand that a boat is not just a boat, it is a lifestyle. Having the right kind of coverage will give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your boat for a long as choose to enjoy it.  The experienced agents of HPM Insurance can help you choose the levels of insurance that are best for you and keep you sailing for years to come.

To get a quote, please enter your zip code above.  The professionals at HPM Insurance will contact you to review your options.  Happy sailing!