NH Landscaper Insurance

NH Landscaping Insurance

Given how short the landscaping season is in NH, you need to be sure that when spring hits you can work. Your clients in Bedford and the surrounding area rely on you as much as you rely on your tools and equipment to be ready to tackle any landscaping job whether residential or commercial.

As a landscaping professional, you rely heavily on not just your trucks, mowers and trimmers, but also your creative skills to design beautiful landscapes for your clients. Because your tools and equipment are essential to your business, and hence reputation, it is important to ensure you have the right protection before a loss happens that may force you to suspend and lose work. When you work with the right insurance agency, like HPM Insurance with offices in Bedford, Amherst, Franconia, Laconia and Bristol, you can customize your Landscaping Insurance policy by covering what you need but not paying for what you don't.

When you have confidence in your business insurance, you have greater peace of mind to know you can keep working. You know that if disaster strikes, like a fire or theft, your insurance coverage can do what you need it needs to get your landscaping business back up and running. In general, you want your Lawn Care Insurance to:

  • Repair or replace your tools and specialized equipment
  • Investigate claims of property damage or injury by clients or other parties
  • Protect and defend you from lawsuits

Essential Landscapers Insurance Coverages

Here are the specific types of insurance any landscaping business should consider:

Inland Marine Coverage

Landscapers are constantly moving around to different job sites, and your tools and equipment go with you. Your business is mobile, so you need insurance coverage that's mobile too. Inland marine insurance offers the coverage you need with options to protect your tools and equipment wherever you go.

Tools and Small Item Coverage

Scheduled tool coverage lists your small implements, such as trimmers, edgers, and sheers. Your policy shows a specific value for each item. Blanket tool coverage provides a single lump sum of coverage for a group of small tools.

Large Item Coverage

Inland marine policies can cover mowers, aerators, mulchers, or other larger pieces of landscaping equipment. Each item is scheduled with a stated value so that if there is a claim both you and the insurance company know exactly what you had and its value

Equipment Floaters Coverage

You can insure cranes, dollies, and other large pieces of mobile equipment on individual policies.

Liability Insurance

When someone alleges that you damaged their property or injured them, it's important to have coverage that protects you from the legal and financial fallout. As a landscaper, you visit new locations and interact with many different people each day. Customers can trip over equipment and get hurt and lawn mowers can hurl rocks through windows. The unexpected can and does happen.

Incidents of potential liability leave you with added financial burdens and stress. Customers expect you to pay for the property damage or injury you cause which can include medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. Even if you believe you did nothing wrong, these situations do not simply go away. You will need to defend yourself, which is where your liability insurance comes into play. When someone files a lawsuit, you incur court costs and ongoing legal fees, even if you are not at fault.

A comprehensive Landscaping Insurance policy can handle these complications. The company will investigate reported incidents and pay damages or expenses if you are legally responsible. If you are not responsible, they deny liability and defend you against lawsuits

Specialized Liability Coverage For Your Landscaping Business

Chemical Hazards Coverage

When you use chemicals during your landscaping operations, they present unique liability risks. An insurance professional can discuss these risks and present liability coverage options to ensure your business is protected.

Medical Payments Coverage

When you have a policy that pays medical bills regardless of fault, it can prevent high dollar settlement demands and lawsuits.

Why HPM for Landscaper Insurance?

Confidence and Peace of Mind

Even if you already have Lawn Care Insurance policies in place, it's a good idea to make sure that it provides the right coverage for you and your business. At HPM Insurance, we have been protecting the business owners of New Hampshire since 1860. We know landscapers and the risks that face them. We have conveniently located offices in throughout the state.

Contact us now for two reasons:

  1. The cost of Commercial Insurance, including Landscaper Insurance, is always changing. Make sure you have the right coverage in place and are not over-paying.
  2. Many insurance companies are bundling the insurance coverages that many landscapers need for very little money. Contact HPM to make sure you have the right coverage at the right price.

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