New Hampshire Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance: Do You Really Need it?

You are not required by law to buy NH motorcycle insurance, so why should you buy a policy?

According to the National Safety Council, a motorcycle accident that causes serious bodily injury happens every 14 seconds in the United States. Not to mention that motorcycle theft is on the rise with only 20-25% of bikes stolen never being found.

You should also keep in mind that even though car insurance is not mandatory in New Hampshire, the law would require you to pay for any damages you cause if found at fault in an accident.  This includes any property damage, medical bills, pain and suffering or loss of income.  If there is not a bike policy in place, you would personally be on the hook for these expenses.  You could also run into trouble if you decide to leave NH with your motorcycle because all other states in the nation, including Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont all have compulsory insurance laws on the books and therefore required to drive on its roads.

Even if you are a great driver and assume you will never be in an accident, how many bad drivers have you seen nearly crash into a motorcycle? Because cars are also not required to carry insurance in NH, there are a lot of uninsured cars on our New Hampshire roads. What if you were seriously injured on your motorcycle and the driver found at-fault doesn't have any car insurance? You may run into financial difficulty as it can be a slow process when trying to be reimbursed by an at-fault driver without insurance and hospitals and repair shops will not wait to be paid.  If you were unsuccessful at getting reimbursed, you would be left paying for your own injuries, bike repair, etc. Don't let this happen to you- call us today to protect you, your passengers and your bike with a motorcycle policy written by HPM Insurance formally of Milford and with offices in Amherst and Bedford.

A custom motorcycle policy you can afford

A custom Harley Davidson can be expensive, but the motorcycle insurance doesn't have to be. The professionals at HPM Insurance can discuss with you your areas of concern. Are you worried about liability or getting hit by another driver? What about the custom paint job or chopper handle bars you added? Every bike and biker is different. There are a variety of tailor-made motorcycle insurance policies available, including coverage for:

  • Medical payments
  • Collision
  • Theft or vandalism
  • Uninsured motorist bodily injury
  • Property damage liability
  • Bodily injury liability
  • Custom parts and equipment

Why choose HPM Insurance


At HPM Insurance, we love motorcycles. Many of our staff, including Dave Trudo shown above, owns a bike (or two), so we understand that this is more than a motorcycle - it is a lifestyle. To have HPM Insurance of Bedford or Amherst help you insure your motorcycle, enter your zip code above and then complete the very short Protection Savings Form. No matter what you own - a Harley, a sport bike, cruiser, standard, touring bike, or a sweet custom ride - you can turn to us for great rates and the best coverage. Enjoy the freedom of the open road – get covered by HPM Insurance today! You love your motorcycle; now show it the love by protecting it.