Snowplow Covered? Maybe Not!


You May Have NH Truck Insurance, but is Your Snowplow Covered? How About the Cap, Winch, or Lumber Rack?

We need to call your attention to a potential gap in your NH business auto insurance policy.  Do any of your trucks have detachable equipment, such as snowplows, caps, winches or lumber racks that you can remove? You may be surprised to know that your New Hampshire business auto insurance MAY NOT COVER these items once removed from the truck!

If your equipment is STOLEN, you need a commercial inland marine policy to cover you for not only theft, but also for damage to the equipment itself.

This protection is less expensive than you think. Please contact HPM Insurance, with offices throughout NH, and speak with a risk control specialist. We can explain in more detail why you might need this important coverage. 1-800-696-1209.