Reasons For A Teen Driving Contract

Why is having a teen driving contract important?

Having a contract is important because it helps out both the parent and teen set out rules and expectations, along with consequences, before issues can arise.  Assumptions can lead to problems so a written document can help avoid this.

What are some ways of making sure the contract works for both the parent and the teen?

  1. Write it down: We have provided a sample, but if this does not fit your needs then come up with your own.  The key is to discuss it and abide by what is agreed upon.

  2. Talk about it: Set aside some time to sit down with your teenager and talk about the expectations and why they are important.

  3. Understand it: Make sure you both understand the expectations and consequences that will occur if rules are not followed.

  4. Sign it: Both parents and teens should sign it.  This signifies accountability that everything has been reviewed and is understood.