Mobile Home Insurance in New Hampshire


What is mobile home insurance?

Manufactured homes expand access to affordable housing, but the homes themselves require sizeable investments. Mobile home insurance may help New Hampshire residents who have manufactured homes protect their residences and themselves.

Mobile home insurance policies are specialized personal policies for owners of manufactured homes. Policies take into account the valuations and construction methods that these homes often have.

Who in New Hampshire should have manufactured home insurance?

New Hampshire residents generally should have manufactured home insurance if they own a manufactured or mobile home. This tends to be the best type of homeowners insurance for these homes.

What coverages does manufactured home insurance make available?

While the precise coverages that manufactured home insurance policies offer can vary, they usually include protections that are similar to what would be found in single-family home insurance policies. For instance, both policy types usually offer:

  • Comprehensive Coverage, which might insure the manufactured house itself against damage
  • Other Structures Coverage, which might insure secondary structures, such as fences, sheds and detached garages
  • Personal Property Coverage, which might insure belongings kept inside the house or on its nearby property
  • Water and Sewer Backup Coverage, which might insure against plumbing-related water damage
  • Loss of Use Coverage, which might make payments if a disaster makes the house uninhabitable
  • Personal Liability Coverage, which may cover common lawsuits and basic accidents

Comprehensive coverage sometimes comes with an agreed loss settlement provision. This particular provision normally stipulates a specific amount that the policyholder is to receive if the house is totaled in a covered incident.

Is insurance coverage available for older manufactured homes?

Insurance usually is available for older manufactured homes, and it’s important to still insure a manufactured home regardless of its age. So long as a manufactured house is in use, it likely should be insured against property damage and liability lawsuits.

Any residents who have trouble insuring an older manufactured home should speak with a knowledgeable insurance agent about the matter. An agent who specializes in mobile home policies will know how to most efficiently procure a policy, even if a house is older.

Do mobile home policies cover trampolines?

Many mobile home policies include trampoline coverage as an available option. The coverage may have to be manually added onto a policy before the coverage applies, but adding the coverage is a quick and easy process. 

Again, an insurance agent who knows manufactured home policies well can check for trampoline coverage if it’s needed.

Do mobile home policies cover floods?

Natural flooding usually isn’t covered by single-family homes or manufactured homes. If protection against natural floods is wanted (or required), the coverage must be purchased separately. The National Flood Insurance Program offers subsidized flood policies to property owners (including manufactured homeowners) in qualifying areas.

How much do manufactured home policies cost?

Many factors can affect the cost of manufactured home insurance. For instance, all of the following can raise or lower a policy’s rates:

  • Age of the insured (particularly if 50+)
  • Age of the manufactured home
  • Whether inside or outside of a mobile home park
  • Number of policies purchased

An independent insurance agent can help with comparing insurance rates from different companies. Independent agents aren’t obligated to suggest any one insurance company, and can thus recommend whichever they believe has the best policy solution for a situation.

How can New Hampshire residents get mobile home insurance?

For help insuring a mobile or manufactured home that’s located in New Hampshire, contact the independent insurance agents of HPM Insurance. Our agents will collaborate to determine your particular coverage needs, and then our team will identify the best available mobile home insurance policies that meet those coverage needs. With our help, you can have confidence that your manufactured home is well insured.