Insider Tips on Buying NH Motorcycle Insurance

Written by April Weismann on 08/25/2020 10:34 AM in Motorcycle Insurance,. Personal Insurance.

Motorcycles are indeed everywhere in New Hampshire, but many bikers assume the insurance is the same as a car.  Motorcycle insurance is similar yet distinct from standard auto insurance for a few reasons.  If you have a bike that’s registered and garaged in New Hampshire, these insider tips will help you protect yourself and your bike while on the open road.NH Motorcycle insurance

Insider Tips for Buying Motorcycle Insurance in New Hampshire

Are you a fair-weather biker that likes to go for a ride a few times a year, or are you someone who considers their motorcycle as an extension of themselves?  There is no wrong answer, as long as you understand how your motorcycle will (or will not) be covered with the various options available on a NH motorcycle policy.

Custom Parts and Equipment on a Motorcycle Policy:

If your bike is the same as it was when it rolled off the factory floor, you would not need additional accessory coverage.  In fact, some motorcycle policies provide a small amount of custom parts coverage because so many bikers do customize their bikes. 

If your bike is customized (either by you or a prior owner) with permanently installed accessories, such as a custom paint job, custom wheels, handlebars, saddlebag, etc. you need custom parts and equipment coverage.  Without this endorsement, you would most likely not be covered if any of these items were damaged or stolen.

If you add this coverage, also be sure to keep receipts, photos of the bike, and an itemized list of accessories as you would be required to provide such documentation in a claim.  

Ask About NH Motorcycle Insurance Discounts:

Motorcyle License: In the Live Free or Die state, it may be surprising that a motorcycle license is required to ride a bike in New Hampshire, but the good news is that some carriers give a discount for it.  Be sure to mention you have a motorcycle license when getting a quote.

Safety or Anti-theft Credits:  Though often a bike's vehicle identification number (VIN) usually provides the standardized safety devices of a motorcycle, be sure to inform your agent if you have anti-lock brakes or installed LoJack.

Advanced Quote Discount: Other ways to save money is to plan.  Insurance companies love people who plan ahead, so some companies give an Advanced Quote discount.  This discount can be considerable, so if you know you are buying a bike within a few weeks, call an agent and get the quoting process started.  

Pay-in-Full Credit: If you can pay the annual premium in full, do so.  Many insurance companies allow credit card payments so you may have a win-win with getting credit card points and a pay-in-full credit.

Homeowner Discount:  What does owning a home have to do with owning a motorcycle?  It is not clear, but some insurance company actuaries find this fact worthy of a credit, so be sure to mention it to your agent if you own a home.

Association Discounts:  If you are a member of a motorcycle association, such as the Harley Owners Group (HOG) or USAA, this too may give you a credit, so be sure to ask.

Medical Payments Coverage Consideration: Higher Limits 

Medical payments coverage is available on both car and motorcycle policies, and it can provide important protection in each type of policy. This coverage tends to help pay for medical expenses that a driver or passenger incurs as a result of an accident regardless of fault.

When insuring a motorcycle, it’s generally wise to select a high limit for medical payments coverage. The risk of injury is substantially higher on a bike, and injuries that riders sustain can require extensive care.

Even if you have health insurance, you may have a high deductible or co-pay, so it may be more cost-effective to purchase a higher medical payment limit given there is no deductible for this coverage on a motorcycle policy.

Property Damage Liability Coverage: Higher Limits

Property damage liability coverage generally compensates others if their property is damaged in a covered accident or incident.  This coverage is typically included in both auto and motorcycle policies.

Motorcycle owners in New Hampshire are sometimes tempted to skimp on property damage liability coverage, thinking that a bike wouldn’t cause as much damage as a car in an accident. While this might be true in a few situations, bikes are still fairly heavy vehicles that get ridden at high speeds. To make sure you’re well protected, you’ll probably want a high limit for your policy’s property damage liability coverage.  The cost between minimum property damage limits and recommended limits is typically less than $20.

Get Help with Motorcycle Insurance from a New Hampshire Agent

If you need motorcycle insurance in New Hampshire, contact the independent insurance agents of HPM Insurance. We are not only insurance agents, but many on our team are also motorcycle enthusiast.  We are well-versed in the details of motorcycle policies, and can help you select a policy that affords robust protections

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