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You are a recognized handyman whose income depends on your reputation.  Don't let the reputation that you have worked so hard to build go down the drain without the proper insurance coverage.

What is Handyman Insurance?

Though there is no specific "handyman insurance" policy, coverage for a handyman can be acquired with a customized commercial insurance policy.  Do you handle general maintenance issues around a home or business, or do you dive into anything including roofing or electrical work?  If so, your insurance policy should match your work.  Handyman is a broad term so speak with an insurance professional to ensure you have the coverage you need and expect.

What is Covered on a Handyman/Contractors Insurance?

Because commercial insurance, like handyman or contractor's insurance, offers a range of coverages, it can help protect you and your business from many possible events.  Depending on the specific policy, it may cover:

  • Theft of tools, equipment or supplies
  • Injury to pedestrians or other non-employees
  • Property damage to client's property

What Types of Insurance Does a Handyman Need?

Again, this may depend on the extent of the services you offer the public, so it is best to speak with an insurance professional.  In general, the following are at least best to consider:

How Can Handyman in NH Get Insurance?

For help in protecting your business, contact HPM Insurance.  You know your trade, HPM Insurance knows insurance. Speak with an experienced insurance representative to get the coverage you need for your handyman business.