New Hampshire Boat Insurance

Everyone understands the importance of car insurance in NH, but it may not be as obvious with boat insurance, especially if you don't have a loan on your boat.

But don't make this mistake! Your boat could be at the bottom of a lake in the blink of an eye.

"I didn't see the rock!"

New Hampshire lakes are known to be murky and difficult to see what is lying below the surface. At HPM Insurance it is common for us to have several policyholders a year mistakenly run into a rock. This will cause not only damage to the boat, but may also cause bodily injury. To ensure you are covered for both aspects of such a claim, you need a boat insurance policy.

Many people think that their boat would automatically be covered on their homeowners insurance but this may not true! Don't assume. Call the professionals at HPM Insurance to find out the facts for your specific situation.

What does boat insurance cover?

Having a separate boat policy is the best way to cover your boat. The reason is because it can not only insure the boat itself and the liability stemming from the use of the watercraft, but also its towing, wreckage removal, fuel spill clean-up, and fishing equipment. Without these "extra-coverages," you could be paying thousands of dollars out of your own pocket. Even if you don't think your boat is worth insuring - think again. It may be worth it for these extra coverages alone.

At HPM Insurance, we will protect you, your boat and your passengers with the precise boat insurance needed for your vessel.

Why HPM Insurance

HPM Insurance offers insurance for boat owners in Milford, Amherst, Bedford and beyond.  HPM Insurance has been insuring the citizens of New England for generations. We understand that a boat is not just a boat, it is a lifestyle. Whether you like to bob around Lake Sunapee with a fishing pole hanging off the back, cruise around Lake Winnipesaukee with friends, run the waves off Hampton with your jet ski, or simply enjoy the many other lakes our great state has, you need to be sure you, and your lifestyle, are protected.

For the cost of a few dollars a month, you can be protected against the many calamities that can occur on the water.

To get a quote, please enter your zip code above and complete the Protection Savings Form right now, before your boat hits the water. The professionals at HPM Insurance will contact you with a boat protection that will pay for itself in peace-of-mind, as well as dollars and cents.