HPM Insurance Acquires Elliot Insurance Agency

Written by April Weismann on 12/27/2021 03:38 PM in Agency News.

HPM Insurance is pleased to announce the acquisition of Elliot Insurance of Goffstown, NH. Elliot Insurance Agency has met the community's personal and commercial insurance needs since it first opened more than 50 years ago in downtown Goffstown.

Lyle and Peter Stanhope

HPM Insurance Purchases Elliot Insurance of Goffstown, NH

"Elliot Insurance was built on personalized service and trust," said Elliot Insurance owner Peter Stanhope. "We decided to join HPM Insurance as we wanted our clients to continue to receive personalized service while expanding their coverage options."

"We are delighted to have a location in Goffstown, especially with an agency such as Elliot Insurance given their commitment to the community," said Lyle Fulkerson, president, and CEO of HPM Insurance. "We look forward to working with the Elliot clients and welcome them to HPM Insurance."

The acquisition of Elliot Insurance is the sixth such transaction for HPM Insurance president and CEO, Lyle Fulkerson, and his team.  The growth of HPM Insurance started in 2006 with Fulkerson purchasing The Holt Agency of Milford, NH, followed by The Proctor Insurance Agency of Wilton in 2008, and The McBriarty Insurance Agency in 2010.  These first three agencies are what inspired the brand H (Holt) P (Proctor) and M (McBriarty) to be HPM Insurance. Once branded as HPM Insurance, Fulkerson continued with purchasing additional well-regarded agencies such as the Pollack Insurance Agency in 2012, and the Byse Insurance/Bristol Insurance/Franconia Insurance in 2017. 

Though HPM Insurance has multiple offices, the business operates as one agency with agents working with clients regardless of location.  This allows for the business to best meet the needs of the clients and staff by having offices close by, while not being hampered with staffing issues.  At this time, the Goffstown location has limited office hours given staffing and vacation issues.  We recommend that clients call to make an appointment prior to arriving in Goffstown.

HPM Insurance is committed to providing personal service to each client with an assigned account rep for each insured.  This coupled with a dedicated support team that manages the incoming calls (vs. an automated phone tree) is part of the business model that separates HPM Insurance from larger agencies or direct writers, such as Geico.

The personalized service coupled with having enough business to attract many insurance companies to want to do business with HPM Insurance, allows HPM to provide many choices for their insureds from a coverage and pricing point.

So far, HPM Insurance has found success in such a model and hopes to continue growing, while not losing its personal connection to its clients.

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