New Hampshire Experts Give Insider Tips on Buying RV Insurance

Written by April Weismann on 07/01/2020 03:08 PM in RV Insurance,. Personal Insurance.

A big reason why people buy a recreational vehicle is to sit back, relax and enjoy the great outdoors.  That said, having the comforts of home on wheels, presents unique risks.  At HPM Insurance, many of our agents have not only helped NH residents with RV Insurance over the years, but they themselves are campers and know how important the RV lifestyle is to protect.  

Here is what they, as RV insiders, suggest when buying RV Insurance.NH Recreational Insurance

Insider RV Insurance Tips for New Hampshire Residents

Special Considerations When Choosing a Policy

When considering how to insure your recreational vehicle, you need to consider a few factors that can make all the difference in how you are covered.  Here are several important considerations:

How Are You Going to Use Your RV?

Are you a weekend warrior, a retiree who plans to hit the open road for the summer, or maybe someone who intends to pick up all roots and live in your motor home full time?

Like many insurance policies, there is some ability to customize the coverage to fit your needs.  Roaming the country and beyond for months at a time vs. shooting up to the White Mountains for a long weekend can present different risks, so you want to pick the right coverage. 

  • If you live in your motor home for more than six months of the year, you will most likely have a lot of your belongings with you.  If so, you may need personal property coverage. 
  • You may also need liability coverage if you are legally held responsible for an accident that occurs while your RV is used as a vacation residence. 
  • If you decide to cross into Mexico, you will most likely need to consider a specific coverage for you and your RV while out of the country as most policies specifically exclude any coverage while outside the US, its territories, and Canada.

The key is to talk to an insurance professional, not just when you purchase an RV, but anytime your usage changes.

Is Your Motor Home Customized?

Are you someone who wants to customize the lighting, flooring, and furniture of your RV or, perhaps you are someone who loves the camper just how it came off the factory floor. There is no right or wrong answer except you want to understand how any customization will be accounted for in a settlement before a claim happens. 

Will the insurance company offer total replacement coverage, agreed value, or actual cash value coverage?  The settlement depends on what you decide and purchase before a claim.  An experienced agent can help you make the decision that is best for you.

Is RV Insurance Required in NH?

Like car insurance in NH, if you do not have a loan on your camper, you are not typically required to have RV insurance to drive on Granite State roads.  That said, other states do have insurance requirements, so you would be required to show proof of insurance, regardless if a NH resident, should you find yourself outside the state.  

Other Insurance Considerations with an RV?

NH Car Insurance: Are you towing your RV with a car or truck?  If so, the vehicle towing it will need an auto policy separate from the RV policy. The primary coverages for a trailer are usually comprehensive and collision, while the liability often follows the vehicle towing it.  

Personal Property Insurance: Make sure all of your personal belongings in the RV are protected.  You might have protection through your homeowner's insurance if it provides “worldwide coverage” within its personal property coverage terms. If you have this coverage, there may be no need to add more personal property protection through an RV policy.

As you consider what personal property coverage limit you need, don’t forget to consider cycling or other activity-related gear. The cost of things like bikes, helmets, and heated gear can quickly add up.

Roadside Assistance: Having a car towed can be expensive.  Having an RV towed is even more, so be sure you have this essential coverage on your RV policy.

Emergency Expense: If you break down half-way across the country, you could be looking at a considerable expense to get yourself back home along with your RV.  What could be a day-long inconvenience within NH, could turn into a multi-day nightmare depending on where you venture.  Emergency Expense Coverage can be a safety net to help with the unexpected bill of being stranded.

How Much Does RV Insurance Cost?

Several factors determine the cost of a NH RV insurance policy, such as:

  • The RV class of either A, B, or C (with A being the most expensive)
  • Claims history and driving record
  • Coverage limits
  • RV usage (full-time or occasionally)

An HPM Insurance agent can provide you with multiple quotes and various coverage options.

Talk with a Knowledgeable New Hampshire Insurance Agent

If you need assistance insuring an RV in New Hampshire, contact the independent insurance agents at HPM Insurance. We’re very familiar with RV policies and their nuances, and we’ll work hard to get you the RV insurance you need at the most affordable price possible

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